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WESOS Speaker


These Packages are set up for Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success Meetings in the Illinois Region

As soon as you are scheduled to speak and know you want it recorded, book the project ASAP

There are limited slots per month available!



$97 {Reg. Price $147+} (<65%off)

1-2 hours filming & travel + RAW Footage: full presentation {un edited})

40 Second Clip of RAW Footage


$149 {Reg. Price $267+} (<55% off)

1-2 hours filming & travel + Edited Video of Presentation – Includes: 2 revision cycles

Video Length 8 Minutes – This is what the full version could look like. Parts of this presentation have been taken out, you will have to look up Alison Ver Halen / AV Writing Services to find the full content


$197 {Reg. Price $394+} (<50%off)

1-2 hours filming & travel + Raw Video + Edited Video of Presentation + 3 to 5 Short videos to be used as reels/ Social Media Marketing content (2 Revisions cycles per video) + Full Transcript of 20 min presentation (unedited)

Short Clip Example
Short Clip Example
Short Clip Example
Unedited Transcript

a few benefits for you

– A way to get your presentations recorded

– Use the recorded presentation to reflect on to help you improve

– Use clips to promote your business on social media

– Have video content to use on your website and wesos directory page

– A way for you to help promote wesos

– Build up video assets to create a speaking reel to land more speaking gigs

“Jenny is INCREDIBLE to work with and is my go-to for video editing and support. She is professional and talented in every aspect of what she does.”

— Lindsey F.

Process & Conditions

  • Must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Cancelation Policy: If at least 24 hours notice before the start of the meeting – Jenny will fully reimburse the appropriate party. If less than 24-hour cancellation occurs Jenny keeps 50% of the payment.
  • WESOS Leadership Team must approve video content before publicly shared
  • WESOS Leaders will have access to use clips to promote meetings
  • I will only be using 1 camera (1 angle)
  • I will provide a quality audio clip-on/ lavalier microphone system to attach to you to help ensure quality audio
Camera: Black Magic Pocket 4k Cinema